Things You Don’t Know About Buddhism



There is no doubt that Buddhism is among the most exciting religions in the world and it is thought to date several centuries BC. Even though Buddhism has existed in the West for a few centuries, it’s only recently that the religion has started having impact on the western culture. For this reason the religion is not yet recognized in western accepted culture.

Buddhist temples aren’t temples


The religion does not have a temple. Their place of a duel is known as a center of holy life. Their main meeting point is not to worship as much as education. In the Buddhist temple, there will always be a lecture hall and a library connected with a meditation room.


You need necessarily to be a vegetarian to be a Buddhist


Students in learning institution that follow the religion are normally taught to be non- violent by encouraging them to be vegetarian but being vegetarian is not an absolute condition to join the religion. Though the religion does not encourage killing of others, they see no problem in taking any dead meat of an animal.


The fat smiling statue in Chinese restaurants is not Buddha


People tend to believe and assume that the statue that is normally placed in Chinese restaurants is an image of Buddha, Buddha was actually light in weight and the similar heavy and fat gay was Chinese cleric, the cleric who also achieve illumination was called Buddai.


Buddhism was borne out of Hinduism


Hinduism is the first and the oldest religion. So Siddhartha who was later named Buddha was raised a Hindu prince. Siddhartha Gautama realized the Hinduism could not offer him with all the information he needed, he decided to look for his on truth by forming this religion.


Buddha is not a God


Buddha is not considered by Buddhist as a God as many people may believe but they recognized him as there educator. They also called him spiritual guide and the followers look for Buddha for direction and knowledge.


The ‘five commandments’ of Buddhism


Buddhists also have their five commandments and just like Jewish and Christians who has ten. The religion has five prospects under which they live. And the rules are don’t steal, you should not lie, do not engage in sexual misconduct and they don’t use intoxicants.


Buddhists believe in the second coming


Buddhist think that there will be another Buddha or maître in the in the future to come. They have the feeling that the maitre will come back to earth when the wisdom of the original Buddha shall have been gone so he will educate on the pure tradition known as pure Dharma.




People often think they understand a religion or faith system, but when they scratch below the surface, they are always surprised to find out that they know little about Buddhism.


If you do good things in life and help others, the same will happen to you and that is Karma, where the Buddhist culture circulates around.


They do believe in life after death and rebirth as such but believe the concept of Karma regulates the entire the process.


They also believe that recitation of mantras can help cut off previous negative karma.